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Keep it Cosmic
\ ˈkēp \ \ ˈit , ət\ \ ˈkäz-mik \
“Do all things with love, live in the moment & strive to exceed all expectations.”
As a DJ, producer and musician, Jem.G is always looking for new ways to spread this message to the
masses! The Spaceman puts the audience under his spell with his distinct sound and eclectic style of performing! 
Raised on a healthy diet of his mother’s love for grunge and all things 80’s, throw in his father’s
obsession with hip hop and Afro-Latino rhythms and you get a small glimpse of this Los Angeles native's musical inspiration spanning across various genres. Infectious rhythms! Explosive beats! Astonishing melodies! He utilizes his diverse influences to create cosmic sounds unlike anything you've heard before. 
No matter what it is your ears crave, The Spaceman's got something cooked up behind the decks just for
you! Both a thrilling and electrifying performance, you'll never know what to expect at a Jem.G set!
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